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About Michael


I was born and raised on Long Island, NY, and attended several boarding schools in New England from Middle School through High School, and graduated from Proctor Academy. This robust educational experience provided me with the opportunity to learn in an independent, diverse environment with other children from around the United States, and the world. After graduation, I attended Eckerd College where I majored in History with a minor in Management. This is also where I was fortunate enough to meet my wife, Becky. After graduation, I began my career in Human Resource Management where the ability to listen to people’s concerns, form consensus, and make sound decisions was a primary job requirement.

I moved to Bucks County, PA in 1997 to continue my Human Resources career. In 1999, I went back to school for Architecture at Philadelphia University, which is now known as Jefferson University. I graduated with a 5-year Architecture degree and began a new career in architecture, as I was always interested in materials and how they can combine into assemblies. My wife and I were married in 2000, and we moved to Ivyland in 2007 to be part of the highly acclaimed Council Rock School District. We have 3 children, two are currently attending Council Rock schools. The oldest graduated from Council Rock South High School this past spring and is now away at college.  He is doing well after advancing through CRSD.

As a professionally licensed Architect in NJ and PA, I manage my own firm, Synergy Architects, which is based in Langhorne, PA. Architecture requires the ability to present a clear vision to clients and solve unique problems, which I enjoy.

I am committed to improving the quality of education in Northampton and the Council Rock School District. My children and their classmates deserve the best education we can deliver. I have direct experience and exposure to a variety of educational systems and operating models. I will wholeheartedly bring my leadership, listening, and problem-solving skills to the role of School Director. 


2004 Graduated Philadelphia University - Philadelphia, PA

1995 Graduated Eckard College - St. Petersburg, Florida

1991 Graduated Proctor Academy - Andover, New Hampshire


Registered Architect: PA & NJ

USGBC Accredited LEED Professional

Certified HUD inspector

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

Basic First Aid

BSA Aquatics Supervision

Community Involvement

Volunteer: Coach at YMCA T-Ball

Volunteer: Cub Scout Den leader

Volunteer: Scouts BSA, Scoutmaster

Volunteer: CRSD LINCS Supervisor

Member: US Coast Guard Auxiliary

Michael's Platform

I believe that it is important to listen to the concerns of our district Council Rock families and work together to find solutions to solve district issues quickly and efficiently. Once elected as School Director for Region #6, I will keep kids first. My wife and I have three kids currently enrolled in the school district; I have a vested interest in the success of this district. I will work with the other board members to solve the current problems our school district is facing, such as budget shortfalls and achievement gaps. I am motivated to run for this position as I feel my experience in running a company, interfacing with people, and my ability to collaboratively problem solve will be an asset to this school board. As an architect, I present both a technical and creative approach to problem solving. My platform is supported by “Three Columns,” to support our community: 


Column One: Kids and Taxpayers First.

The role of school is to educate the youth of the community; therefore, the kids must come first. We, as a School Board, must be committed to their education and enrichment as this is a part of laying the foundation for their future, and strengthening our community. If we increase our ranking as a top school district, we create a desirable market that people want to move into. Community members, as taxpayers, contribute to the revenue the schools receive. In turn, we owe them a strong school district that increases their property values and their investment, in our district/community. Kids and Taxpayers first will be the lens I apply to all decisions as a School board director.


Column Two: Academic Excellence. lists CRSD between #40 and #48 over the past 10 years out of the Top 50 school districts in the state. As one of the highest paid school districts in the state, we must do better for our impressive teachers and great students. We must focus education on preparing our kids for the jobs and challenges of the future. To be successful in that focus, we must ensure that we are providing the best academic education, we can afford to our children. Incorporating, promoting, and improving STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in the curriculum has demonstrated successful in this endeavor. Additionally, I support teaching our youth: basic civics, debate, and conflict resolution as these promote important life skills. As a community we should challenge and encourage our children/students and the teachers to strive for Academic Excellence. This council needs to examine why we’re not in the top 25 districts in the state and what do we need to do to get us there. Occupying a position at the bottom of the top 50 School districts in the state motivates me to work hard to help move us up the ladder.


Column Three: Transparency and Representation

Unfortunately, past years have been marked by debates over construction/renovation projects and redistricting instead of academic excellence. This has driven wedges in our community to the point that parents are arguing with other parents on whose school should be fixed first, and rivalries within the district; we are not operating as a team. Because of the divisiveness combined with the achievement gaps resulting from virtual learning and COVID lockdowns, our kids and district are suffering. We need to continue to improve our transparency of the fiscal situation and accurately represent our constituents.

The March 11, 2021 CRSD Finance Committee meeting presented a concerning financial situation for our district. According to the financials posted on, the district has been in deficits for the past 5 reported years. Our liabilities have been increasing at an alarming rate, in part due to the Public School Employees’ Retirement System or PSERS. Our revenues are not keeping pace with our expenses, and student enrollment has been declining. This puts the district in a difficult position as we are further exposed to risks of reducing teacher or administration positions, employee salaries, cutting school programs, and/or raising taxes. How can we attract new residents, students, and the best teachers from that stance? As a country we have been blessed with a decade of economic increases and low borrowing rates. It is irresponsible to assume this will continue for another 5 years to support a massive tax increase of 3%+ each year, totaling 15% - 20%. Tax and spend polices are unsustainable. It took us years to arrive at this position, and preventing this will take time and planning. I am committed to working with other board members to put us on a path to correct this, and reduce our risks, and make this a top district.

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